A number of Pembrokeshire business leaders have joined in the chorus supporting the Conservative’s opposition to the proposed ‘job tax’ increase in National Insurance contributions, Preseli Pembrokeshire Parliamentary Candidate Stephen Crabb revealed today.

Stephen said: “I have been surprised at the strength of feeling among business people I’ve met while out canvassing, they can’t see how taxing jobs will help the recovery or reduce unemployment. The general consensus is this is Alice in Wonderland economics.”

He added: “The Conservative Party has rejected these proposals which would increase unemployment and hamper the recovery. These effects are not just what the Conservatives predict, but are the view of an increasing number of business people who would be at the sharp end of this damaging plan. It would be bad for Pembrokeshire and for the country.”

Ten local enterprises, which are at the heart of Pembrokeshire’s economy, have come forward to join the large group of national business leaders who have condemned the ‘jobs tax’ proposal by the government. They have co-signed a letter which states: “For the last two years we have worked hard to protect our staff and businesses through the recession. We believe that the Government's proposal to increase national insurance, placing an additional tax on jobs, comes at exactly the wrong time in the economic cycle.”

“In the last two years, businesses have cut their costs without undermining the service they provide to their customers. It is time for the Government to do the same.”

“As taxpayers we would welcome more efficiency in government. As businessmen and women we know that stopping the national insurance rise will protect jobs and support the recovery.”

“Cutting government waste won't endanger the recovery – but putting up national insurance will.”

The government’s ‘jobs tax’ is a proposal to increase in employers’ National Insurance contributions for everyone earning more then £5,700. This is a tax which will undermine the recovery. On top of this the government has also announced plans to raise employees National Insurance contributions for everyone earning more than £20,000.

Stephen added: “As well as local business leaders coming forward with their condemnation of the government’s harmful ‘jobs tax’, many Pembrokeshire voters have stepped forward to join our election campaign, offering practical help, funds and whatever support they can give.”