PARKING problems at Station Road in Cardigan could lead to someone getting hurt.

Cllr Steffan Morgan told a meeting of the town council that something needed to be done “as it is only a matter of time before something happens up there”.

He added: “Parking on Station Road has always been a problem but it has got worse recently and I have had complaints from businesses and neighbours living around there.

“People are parking around the entrance to Jewsons and it is making the road so narrow. I see people with pushchairs going along there and it is so dangerous.”

Cllr Yvonne O’Neill agreed, adding: “It is an absolute nightmare around there. It is an industrial, working area with cars, buses and lorries going up and down all the time.”

Cllr John Adams-Lewis said: “If we put down double yellow lines there, who would police it when people already park on double yellows in the middle of town?”