CARDIGAN is to get behind the growing nationwide campaign to reduce the use of plastics.

At its January meeting, members of the town council agreed to get involved and to come up with ideas.

Cllr Steffan Morgan said: “The issue of plastic waste is continually in the press and on the television and I think everyone has seen what Aberporth has done.

“Now we need to set up some sort of scheme in the town. I think we have a duty to do something and we need to be seen to be doing something. So many different groups are starting up looking to reduce the amount of plastic waste and I think they should have the support of the town council.

“I was talking to a fisherman who said he could walk a mile and pick up a whole barrowful.”

Cardigan Mayor Cllr Richard Jones said he remembered organising a river clean-up when more than 30 bags of mainly plastic rubbish was collected.

Cllr Clive Davies said he would raise the issue with the Town Centre Partnership and suggested creating a questionnaire that could be taken around shops and businesses.

“There are more than 100 shops in the area and if half would get involved it would be great,” he said.

Today, (Thursday January 11) Prime Minister Theresa May announced an environment plan aimed at eliminating avoidable plastic waste within 25 years, including encouraging supermarkets to introduce "plastic-free" aisles.

"We will take action at every stage of the production and consumption of plastic," she said.

"As it is produced, we will encourage manufacturers to take responsibility for the impacts of their products and rationalise the number of different types of plastics they use.

"As it is consumed, we will drive down the amount of plastic in circulation through reducing demand. Government will lead the way by removing all consumer single-use plastic in central government offices.

"And I want to see other large organisations commit to doing the same.

"Individuals can recycle more and can be more careful about the plastics they are using, businesses can have an impact on the use of plastic in their environment," she said.