CARDIGAN swimming pool needs your help again.

The pool is once again bidding to be awarded cash from the Marks & Spencer Energy Fund. Last year it successfully won £12,000 through a public vote, enabling it to install solar panels at the building to help reduce energy costs.

The whole town got behind that bid as thousands voted and now pool trustees are calling for similar backing this time around.

It has again been successful in being shortlisted in its bid to put in new LED lighting to further lessen the running costs

There’s £300,000 available to support renewable energy projects and technologies across the UK and you can have your say in who receives up to £12,000 by simply casting a vote, and spreading the word about your favourite.

In its bid, the pool trustees said: “Please help us to make our swimming pool sparkle with new LED lighting - we want to become more energy efficient and save money.

“Unfortunately due to continued cuts in funding year on year, we have reached a very difficult time in the maintenance of our much loved community swimming pool.

“We have been fundraising for approximately two years to help update our very tired/outdated building. Our success thus far has extremely positive and can be attributed to fantastic community support.

“This incredible support managed to secure us M&S funding last year for PV solar, we have fund-raised locally to put in a new fire alarm system and fire doors.

“The electrics have recently been inspected and updated. We have been working with Wales Coop to provide us with a mentor to help write a business plan to help with future funding applications.

“All of the above have started to make a difference. However, we desperately need your support again this year to help us to get LED lighting installed.

“There is a serious threat to our future if we cannot improve our building or financial situation.

“Your support - be it through voting for us or contributing to our crowdfunder - could enable us to undertake these measures, making a massive difference in helping the pool become a sustainable business - as well as significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

“It would also help us to continue to provide a vital community service, improving health and social inclusion in our area.

“Please vote for our project to help us to achieve these goals. All of this would have a positive impact on our future sustainability for generations to come.”

Voting is now open and closes on October 20, with the winning bids announced on November 6. To vote for Cardigan pool, go to and follow the instruction