THE MP for Ceredigion has called for St David’s Day to be made a national holiday in honour of the nation’s patron saint.

Mark Williams said the move would give the “proud nation” a day to celebrate its “rich history and culture, and entrepreneurial spirit”.

Speaking on March 1, Mr Williams reiterated his call for the Welsh Government to be given devolved powers to designate its own holidays.

Mr Williams has previously called for Wales to be given parity with Scotland in relation to public holidays.

In 2006, St Andrew’s Day – November 30 – was designated a bank holiday in Scotland.

“Wales is a proud nation with much to offer, and St David’s Day is a time for us to celebrate all that is great about Wales, from our rich history and culture, to our entrepreneurial spirit,” he said.

“We have made repeated efforts to devolve the necessary powers to the Welsh Assembly to designate public holidays in Wales, and we continue to make those same demands.

“A decade has passed since Scotland made St Andrew’s Day a public holiday, and it is time that Wales was given the same power.”