A Cardigan mother of three is chucking the chocolate and going on a de-chox this month.

March will be a difficult time for big-time chocolate fan Charlotte Mathias as she ditches the sweet treat in all its forms - from bars to cake and biscuits to sprinkles, all in aid of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) challenge.

Charlotte, who suffers from coeliac disease, admits that she really is going to struggle with the month-long challenge.

“I'm a massive chocolate fan," said Charlotte. "I always have been.

"Since being diagnosed with ME two years ago I've experimented with all kinds of diets and giving up various foods.

"Giving up chocolate was always my biggest challenge.

"I think Christmas lulled me into the false sense of security that it was ok to eat giant bars of chocolate constantly but I know it's really not.”

Many people give up alcohol for a month to raise funds for various charities, but the BHF has come up with the chocolate challenge as an alternative way of raising funds and awareness of its work.

“I'm happy to be supporting The British Heart Foundation because my dad had heart problems during my childhood and I actually saw him have a heart attack when I was the same age as my middle daughter Meg, who is 11, and I hope to raise at least £100 for the charity,” said Charlotte.

Saying no to her favourite chocolate - the big chocolate bar will be no easy task.

“Seriously...my favourite chocolate used to be Chocolate Orange but I had to give that up when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, so now it's Galaxy or Dairy Milk.

"The most difficult part of the challenge will be not having that 'go to' thing for comfort when I'm stressed or facing struggles.

"There are so many triggers.

"I also won’t be allowed anything containing chocolate at all.”

Charlotte has three children – Mali, 14, Meg, 11, and seven-year-old Poppy, who will all be supporting mum during her challenge.

“I'm hoping the kids will be supportive, I think they will because basically there will be more for them," said Charlotte.

"I'll probably go and buy myself a giant Easter egg at the end of the challenge.

"But on a serious note, I'm hoping the de-chox will help my general health as there is more evidence that sugar is bad for all of us.”

Any donations can be made to Charlotte’s online Just Giving page.