Ceredigion magistrates expressed their gratitude for the hard work of a highly thought of court usher who retired last week.

Huw Morgan, who has worked for the court for the past 18 years, following a distinguished 30 year career in the police service, finally hung up his gown after Thursday’s hearings

The presiding magistrate thanked Mr Morgan on behalf of the bench for the ‘wonderful service’ he had given.

He said: “You have given us very good service over the 18 years. You have dealt with people who can be frightened and apprehensive and guide them though, and helped the smooth running of the court.

“We wish you well in your retirement.”

Defence solicitor Alison Mathias said: “I am grateful to Huw for his assistance over the years, he has been invaluable. We don’t always see a lot of the work that he does, which facilitates the smooth running of the court.

“I will miss him as an usher and a friend.”

Mr Morgan thanked members of the court for their kind words.

He added: “It’s certainly been an interesting occupation. I hope I’ve helped people and made a difference, especially to the people outside who can be very frightened, not knowing what will happen to them.

“I would like to think that I was in their position that someone would give me a helping hand.”