Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams yesterday met with Interim Chief Executive of the Hywel Dda Health Board, Karen Howell, and raised directly the issue of maternity services in Ceredigion, and in particular the correspondence sent to expectant mothers suggesting that consultant-led services would only be available in Glangwili.

Mr Williams has had a large number of representations from expectant mothers on this matter. Commenting, he said:

‘For expectant mothers who have had all their care to date delivered in Bronglais Hospital, and with the full expectation to have consultant-led services at Bronglais, to receive such a letter implying that consultant-led services are only to be administered in Glangwili comes as a shock, and a bombshell at just about the most sensitive time imaginable.

‘I made this point strongly to Ms Howell and she has agreed to look into the matter speedily. It represents the height of insensitivity and needs to be clarified post-haste.’

Mr Williams remains committed to campaign for consultant-led services at Bronglais hospital and is seeking guarantees from the Board that this will remain after the outcome of the Marcus Longley review.

‘Clearly, with far from clear letters being circulated around Ceredigion, the Hywel Dda Board has some explaining to do, and many apologies to make for the stress this has caused.’