Following the news of the rejection of yet another application to build flats and houses on the playing field near Maesglas and Y Rhos in Cardigan, Ceredigion’s Plaid Cymru AM Elin Jones has again met the local action group who have campaigned to save the field, and is urging Ceredigion Council to consider the application to preserve the field as a ‘village green’ without delay.

Planning Inspectorate Wales rejected an appeal by Tai Ceredigion earlier this month, coming down in favour of preserving the field as a green space.

Elin Jones, local Plaid AM for Ceredigion, said,

“With several applications for dwellings at this site having been rejected, and with Planning Inspectors having raised serious concerns about the potential loss of leisure and play space and the problems with flooding and wildlife at the site, this seems to be the ideal time to clarify the outstanding matter of the Village Green application.

“Having met again with some of the leaders of the campaign to preserve the field, I believe they have a strong case for Village Green status.

“By confirming the status of this land as a Village Green, residents will then have certainty that they won’t have to worry that more new planning applications will come forward. It’s high time to lay this issue to rest.”