Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has launched a petition calling on the Government to reduce the rate of VAT on the tourism sector.

The petition, which was launched this week at Clarach Bay Holiday Village in Ceredigion, calls on the Government to reduce the rate of VAT on hotels and tourist attractions from the standard 20% rate to a 5% rate. Research shows this measure, which has been successfully implemented in all but 2 other EU countries, will boost the local economy and create jobs. Indeed, new research published last week has shown that if implemented the move would create over 120,000 jobs across the UK, and add £4 billion to GDP each year.

Commenting at the petition launch Mark Williams said:

'I am delighted to launch this petition at a local caravan park, a prime example of a good local tourism business which whilst thriving, would benefit greatly from a cut in the rate of VAT - the business could grow, employ more local people, and further contribute to our local economy.

'We need to do all we can to promote the tourism sector in wales, which often falls foul of the attention given to the tourism industry in other parts of the UK, like Scotland or Ireland. This measure will grow the tourism industry across the whole of the UK, and this sector is particularly key in Ceredigion.

'I hope many people will join me in calling on the Government to implement this lower VAT rate, which will benefit consumers, businesses, local jobs, the local economy and the national economy.'

To sign the petition or find out more information please visit bit.ly/CutTourismVAT or contact Mark's office on 01979 627721.