Ceredigion residents are being invited to have their say on council cuts and services which may be affected.

The County Council is holding an engagement exercise on cuts to be made in the 2015-16 budget.

A council spokesman said: “The council is facing difficult decisions as it must make £11 million in cuts – 8.4% of the total budget – and will need to make further cuts in years to come.

“The council currently spends £136.7m on services but in the future it won’t have enough money from the Government to do all the things it does now. Some services will stop and some will change. This will also have an impact on staffing levels. The council wants to ask the public what type of council they would like in Ceredigion in the future.”

After the Welsh Government announced the financial settlement for 2014-2017, the council has aimed to make savings by delivering more for less, but says the amount of efficiency savings made so far is not sustainable.

The council spokesman added: “The time has come for people to consider which services they appreciate most, and whether or not the council’s partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors should assume a greater role in providing services. It will be necessary to look at the entire range of services that the council provide, including road maintenance, schools, libraries and care for children, young people, adults and older people.

"The council is giving every resident in Ceredigion the opportunity to speak their minds."

There is an opportunity to complete a survey at www.ceredigion.gov.uk , and Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag #TimeToTalkCuts.

Consultation events will be held 10am-4pm at Tesco, Cardigan, Wednesday, August 27, and Llandysul Show, Saturday, September 6.

In September the council will look at responses received and present feedback to county councillors to help them plan a way forward.