A local motorist has called for clearer signage on the new clearway at Bath-house in Cardigan.

The road was made a clearway after Easter following complaints from local residents that motorists were causing a hazard by taking advantage of free parking along the road.

But since then many motorists have been fined for parking on the clearway.

Rose Barter of Rhydlewis is refusing to pay her fine because she claims the signs are not clear enough.

"An urban clearway should be clearly labelled," she said.

"Unless it is clearly labelled the road it is unreasonable and possibly illegal to issue tickets."

Mrs Barter also claimed that "over enthusiastic" wardens were "pouncing in unsuspecting car owners at least three or four times a day".

"Many of these people are visiting the theatre or tourist information centre and this gives people a terrible first impression of Cardigan. We need the tourist trade to flourish in this area. This badly signposted area plus the frequent collection of tickets gives a really bad impression of our beautiful town," she said.

And she added: "I am prepared to go to court to fight my case as I feel so strongly about this."