The long-running debate over the ownership of the strip of land bordering the river Teifi in Cardigan, at the Strand near the castle, seems to have reached an impasse.

Elin Jones, local Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, joined Teifi ward county councillor Catrin Miles to meet with Ceredigion officials dealing with highways and legal affairs in order to attempt to gain clarity on the continuing uncertainty over ownership.

The Welsh Government wishes to transfer the land to the County Council, but the authority is unwilling to accept ownership over the strip between the road and the river in the absence of direct evidence that it was transferred under a previous Order de-trunking the road.

Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, said,

“I’m pleased that it was possible for Cllr Miles and myself to meet with the officials dealing with this case. There is at least more clarity now, in that Ceredigion Council has accepted transfer of the highway and pavements, but the officers are unwilling to accept transfer of the strip between the road and the River Teifi.

“The Council officers are wary of accepting liability for the land in its current condition, fearing cost to the Council of its upkeep.

“This may be a small strip of land, but it’s in a crucial location – along the riverfront and near the new castle development.

“In my view the natural place for the ownership to reside would be with the Council. It already owns the Prince Charles Quay downstream. Ideally the land at the Strand could be improved through a partnership between the local authority and community groups, who could apply for grants if the ownership question is resolved.”

Cllr Catrin Miles said:

“While I appreciate the reasons for the legal impasse, it’s very frustrating. We must now take the issue up at a political level to see if there is flexibility in the Council’s position. I will also bring up the issue once again with the Town Council to see if there are options to deal directly with the Welsh Government.

“With the castle development so near to completion, we need to work hard to resolve the continuing stalemate over this land.”