Two women in Ceredigion, who have lost six stone between them are about to start new careers because of their weight loss.

Elaine Murray from Plwmp had felt that she could not take part in activities with her children when they were small because of her weight. “I was always the mum who stayed at the back of the group and could never join them on cycle rides” said Elaine. “There was a time when I was sitting on the beach when someone made a comparison between an oil tanker in the distance and my weight. I never forgot the humiliation I felt at the time”. After her divorce a few years later, Elaine suffered depression and panic attacks for a long time but one day decided to join her local Slimming World group. “I loved the support and motivation that I got from belonging to the group. It helped my confidence and I love that I can eat so much lovely healthy food without ever feeling hungry” said Elaine. “ I have lost 4 stones and it has changed my life in more ways than one”. Elaine decide to apply to become a Slimming World consultant and is now opening up two new groups in the area. “I am so looking forward to helping others with their weight loss journeys. As a nation we have a problem with obesity and we want to encourage people to change their habits. We want to show people there is a way” said Elaine. “I will be opening up new groups in Aberystwyth on Saturday 2nd August at 9.30am and Llandysul on 26th August at 7.30pm.”

Her friend and new colleague, Helena Bradford who lives in Pentrecwrt, has had a similar journey. Helena is a busy mum with four children who was happily married for 18 years. Her marriage broke up and her family went through periods of despair. To help her family in the long term, Helena decided to go to university so that she could be able to start a career. “Those were dark days and there were times when I convinced myself that I weighed less than I did. I didn’t feel good about myself and decided to join Slimming World as a member. I love the food that I can eat now, it is so family friendly, best of all I have lost 2 stone and I feel so much better about myself. When my consultant mentioned that Slimming World is looking for more consultants to open more new groups in the area, so I went along to an Opportunity Event to find out more. The whole idea of helping people who feel like I did, really appeals” said Helena. “I will be opening my new group in Aberaeron on the 31st July at 7.30pm and relaunching a group in Lampeter on the 9th September at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.”

If you would like more details of all the above groups, please contact Elaine on 07427 617973 and Helena on 07534 938731