Cardigan Mum, Vicky Edwards, joined Slimming World in June last year and now a year on she, her partner and her brother have lost over 11 stones between them. Vicky quickly realised that the Slimming World plan was no faddy diet, but a way of eating that could suit everybody in the family. Her early success inspired her partner, Nick and brother, Simon, to go along too.

Vicky said “Now I’ve lost over four stones I feel more confident, I am more active and have the energy to play with my son. As a family we go on bike rides together and enjoy days out, I even go on fairground rides now AND have my photo taken, I used to hate photos of myself! Now I am so happy that I can buy new clothes without having to trawl around the “big” shops and I am looking forward to buying my holiday wardrobe”.

“I have struggled with my weight all my life, and had tried all sorts of diets”, Vicky said. “For a while I was using meal replacements, but I worried about my small son seeing me have a shake instead of eating a healthy breakfast with him. I had seen other people losing weight with Slimming World so I plucked up the courage and went along to the group in Cardigan. Now we eat normal, healthy food together as a family. My son loves to help make pizza and Nick and I cook for each other all the time, even healthy delicious puddings”.

“I am so proud of Nick and Simon, this year they were both voted Slimming World’s Man of the Year by their groups in Cardigan, together we keep each other going and there’s no looking back now, this is a way of life for us all. My advice to anybody wanting to lose weight healthily is join a Slimming World group, it’s the support of the group and your family that will keep you losing weight every week and you won’t give up if the going gets tough.”