Local roads policing units continued their efforts to promote road safety and reduce the number of casualties, as part of an ongoing road safety programme, last weekend.

As part of Op Darwen 15 motorcyclists were issued with traffic offence reports for excess speed – the highest being 91mph in a 60mph limit. Three traffic offence reports were issued for non-compliant index plates.

A total of 28 motorists were also issued with traffic offence reports for excess speed, one for using a mobile phone whilst driving, one seizure under section 165 Road Traffic Act and one driver was arrested and charged for excess alcohol.

Chief Inspector of Roads Policing, Rose-Ann Lloyd said: "Road safety, and reducing the number of casualties on our roads is a priority. There is an emphasis on patrolling our roads, and whether it is engagement and enforcement with motorcyclists through Op Darwen, or speed, drink driving and any other traffic offences enforcement, we are diligent in these activities.

“This is about saving lives. The safety of our roads is the responsibility of all road users, and we will take action against drivers who commit offences on our roads.”