Local AM Paul Davies is encouraging the people of Pembrokeshire to have their say on local health services.

The Welsh Conservatives have launched a nationwide survey to capture views, both good and bad, of health services across Wales. The survey will run over the summer and is an opportunity to tell Assembly Members about the NHS service you expect and want to see taking shape over the next few years.

Mr Davies said: “I would like to encourage everyone from Pembrokeshire to contribute to our debate on the future of our health services. Have you had a good (or bad) stay at a Welsh hospital? Have you had trouble getting an appointment with your GP? Do you think higher earners should have their prescriptions paid for them? These are the types of issues that we want to hear about.”

He added: “I’m immensely proud of the hardworking staff with the Welsh NHS, who are dedicated to supporting patients in Wales – and so if you’ve received great care, we want to know about it. Here in Pembrokeshire, the reconfiguration of services at Withybush Hospital has certainly been a cause for concern for quite some time, so use this opportunity to once again have your voices heard. The people of Pembrokeshire have no problem being heard loud and clear, as we’ve seen over the decision to close the Special Care Baby Unit at Withybush hospital, so I urge you all again to visit the survey and once again have your say on health services in Pembrokeshire.”