In response to questioning by Elin Jones, Ceredigion’s local Plaid Cymru AM, the Welsh Government has stated that it is committed to reviewing safety on the A44 in the light of the recent tragic accident.

On the floor of the Assembly, the Transport Minister confirmed that she would ask the department’s director to examine the road’s safety and suitability, and would issue a statement in the autumn.

Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, Elin Jones said:

“We have all been struck by the tragedy which occurred on the A44 recently. While we can’t be certain at this stage whether the road conditions caused the fatal crash, it’s well known that this trunk road can be dangerous.

“I was glad that the Minister recognised that the road is an accident blackspot, and that further work was needed to review its safety. Despite its use by heavy vehicles, and by a large volume of holiday and university traffic at certain times of the year, very little has been invested over the past thirty years to reflect the change and growth in traffic. The A44 hasn’t seen the investment that other areas have had.

“I look forward to seeing the Welsh Government conduct a thorough review of this vital route into north Ceredigion. It should also be wide-ranging, and consider what alternatives there may be – both road and rail – for some of the traffic that currently uses the route.”