Gwyl Ceiau Teifi has been held on August Bank Holiday Saturday since 2009 and has established a programme of events including a community theatre, a rowing race around Cardigan Island, an all day programme of music, and a spectacular firework display in the evening

This year organisers would like make a particular effort to provide a platform for local makers. The breadth of skills and businesses around Cardigan is stunning. From rally cars to formula 1 boats; quilts to jeans; paintings to sculptures; Camper vans to Harps; chocolates to pasta, and from model to full size - all around us are wonderful pockets of talent to inspire our youngsters

"We would like to celebrate this talent by providing a place where makers can meet and demonstrate to our community and to visitors what a great place Cardigan is for creative careers, and incidentally, where makers can exchanges ideas and discuss mutual problems," said one of the organisers Nick Newland.

"We have set aside Lloyds wharf building on the riverside for this celebration. This is a 300 sq metre covered site near Prince Charles Quay with plenty of open area around it. We will provide tables, chairs, and power as you need it. Vehicle access is good, so setting up and break down are as painless as we can make it. There is no charge for coming but if you sell at the show we would like a 10% donation to help defray the expenses of the festival."

If you make things, whether hobby or professional, whether models or full size, whether dresses or shoes, whether cakes or chocolate, you will be most welcome and will have a enjoyable day by the river talking to like minded people

The festival will start at 11 am and wind down at about 5pm. Stall holders can get access to the Lloyds Wharf building from Friday evening if they wish.

This year promises to be a particularly good one as the tides are perfect for the race, Small World Theatre are reinterpreting the blue stone legends (Asterix and Obelix light), and the music programme looks exciting.

If your interested in coming please get in touch with Nick Newland

tel nos 01239 615140 or 07746 112 057 or e mail