New Quay lifeboat crew was call to assist three people after their canoe capsized on Thursday evening.

The two lifeboats at the New Quay RNLI station, which is commemorating its 150th anniversary this year, had just returned from a training exercise, when the inshore lifeboat was called out at 9pm to answer a dramatic call for assistance offshore at Aberaeron.

Briefed that three people were in trouble in the water after their canoe capsized, the inshore sped to the rescue through lumpy seas.

Crewing the boat were Pete Yates at the helm, Sarah Perry and Mike Evans. On reaching the scene they found that the three people had managed to scramble ashore. One person was suffering from intense cold and had to be given first aid while the others were checked over. At this point the paramedics arrived and the casualties were transferred into their charge.

Pete Yates said: “ The people concerned had put themselves at some risk by being lightly dressed for that time of night and not wearing flotation devices. It's good that things ended as satisfactorily as they did.”