Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, has met with protesters calling for the protection of the playing field at Maesglas, Cardigan.

The field has been the subject of several applications for planning permission, which have been refused. The local AM has supported calls for the playing field to be retained, and for its designation as a Village Green, which would protect it against further development.

Elin Jones was presented with letters from local children, calling on their playground to be protected and for play equipment to be restored.

Ceredigion’s local AM Elin Jones said,

“I was happy to receive the excellent letters by young children who use this park. It’s such a valuable resource for the local community, and it would be a tragedy if this green space were lost.

“The residents have my continued support in their aim to protect this green space against development, and to restore the play equipment to its former status.

“The residents’ group has campaigned long and hard, to ensure that the community, and particularly the children, can continue to enjoy the park.”