Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, has urged the Welsh Government to respond to a report by Rhodri Llwyd Morgan, which recommended that measures to strengthen the economy of towns such as Aberystwyth should be a key element of policies to secure the future of the Welsh language.

The First Minister has promised a long-awaited statement on the Government’s language policy in response to the 2011 census. In the Senedd this week, Elin Jones urged him to take a holistic view of language policy, which emphasises job opportunities for young people in key urban areas.

Ceredigion’s local AM, Elin Jones, said,

In his report to the First Minister, Rhodri Llwyd Morgan noted the importance of growth areas to strengthen the economy in Welsh-speaking areas in the west, and noted Carmarthen, Aberystwyth and Caernarfon-Bangor as those three areas.

“Some of these areas – including Aberystwyth – have seen urban investment by the Government in the past, but those programmes of investment have now come to an end.

“I urged the First Minister to Rhodri Llwyd Morgan’s idea, and put in a programme of investment in place to promote three growth centres such as these, for the benefit of the economy in west Wales and for the long-term good of the Welsh language.”