Residents in Felinban suffered flash flooding this morning as heavy rain caused the road through the estate to flood.

The problem re-occurs every time there is bad weather - and homeowners are now calling on the county council to take action.

One long-time resident, who didn't want to be named, said: "It happens all the time. We are getting thoroughly fed up with it. Surely this is something the council can sort out."

He added that the problem only started five or so years ago - and blamed the new development at Dol y Dintir.

Local councillor John Adams-Lewis has been trying to get some answers on the issue.

"I've had a number of officers down looking at the problem , it is an on going issue and I am desperately trying to sort out a difficult problem. Apparently, the council is not responsible for what seems to be a blockage under private properties. They are trying to trace the owners or those responsible for the land where the estate were built," he said.