Local AM Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru shadow Health Minister, recently attended the launch of the Stroke Association’s latest report, Not Just a Funny Turn.

According to the charity, thousands of people are putting themselves at risk of a stroke by dismissing their passing symptoms as ‘just a funny turn’, and are unaware that they are having a mini-stroke (also known as a TIA or transient ischaemic attack).

If mini-strokes are treated in time, around 10,000 strokes could be prevented every year, saving thousands of people from its devastating effects.

The Stroke Association’s latest report is based on a UK-wide survey of people who had a mini-stroke in the past five years.

Ana Palazon, Director Cymru for the Stroke Association, said: “The greatest risk of having a stroke is within the first few days after a mini-stroke. But because the symptoms are brief or mild, for many people it doesn’t feel like an emergency. Too many mini-stroke patients delay calling 999 when their symptoms start, often waiting instead for a GP appointment, or if they have visual problems, visiting their optician for advice.”

Elin Jones added: “I was pleased to attend the launch of the Stroke Association’s campaign, and support their call for better awareness of symptoms of a mini-stroke, and better support, information and advice for patients. This campaign could make a real difference to people’s health.”