Bravery awards and letters of thanks have been presented to Cardigan's RNLI crew following a dramatic rescue off Tresaith last year.

The night-time rescue was the first time the station's new lifeboat the Albatross had been used.

Mrs Sheila Foster, from York, who funded the purchase of the Albatross, presented the awards at the official naming ceremony at Prince Charles Quay earlier this month.

Three volunteer crew members were recognised for their part in the rescue of two people trapped on a rocky ledge.

Crew member Clive Williams swam through the waves to give the pair lifejackets while the second lifeboat with Derek Pusey at the helm navigated into a small gully after four attempts of being beaten back by the waves.

Clive Williams has been accorded the RNLI's Thanks of the Institution inscribed on vellum for his act of courage while framed letters of thanks have been received by Derek Pusey and Leonard Walters.

RNLI operations director George Rawlinson said: "Through team work, skill and courage, Clive, Leonard and Drek and their fellow volunteers saved the lives of two people. The rescue is a testament to their seamanship, commitment and bravery."

The other volunteer crew members were given letters of thanks for the part they played in the rescue.