Pupils at Ysgol Clydau in Tegryn have been praised for their efforts in caring for the environment.

The school was presented with a Silver Sustainable Schools award at the end of last term.

Pupils have been studying sustainable transport and ways of reducing pollution from vehicles. They have visited the local woods and Felinwynt Rainforest Centre near Cardigan to learn about biodiversity and how we can help plants, animals and insects.

"We are very happy in receiving our Sustainable Schools Award,” said Deputy Headteacher Catrin Davies.

“We take a whole school approach, encouraging pupils to care for themselves, each other and the environment. For our silver award pupils have had opportunities to develop their own global awareness."

This was evident during Fair Trade Fortnight, when the Eco Club delivered a thought provoking assembly about how buying fair trade goods helps growers in developing countries.

The school held a yellow day – pupils sold yellow items they had cooked, solved maths puzzles with yellow shapes and even took part in a knitted bananas treasure hunt.

The Sustainable Schools award recognises efforts to improve the local environment and quality of life now without damaging the planet for future generations.