An apprentice carpenter from Cardigan has been ordered to pay compensation to a police officer he rugby tackled and pinned to the ground.

Floyd Moore, aged 21, of 50 North Road, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty, when he appeared before Aberystwyth magistrates on Wednesday.

The court heard Moore was outside a Cardigan nightclub at 2am on March 9, when police arrived to calm down a group of people who were arguing.

Moore was not involved with the group, but ran at an officer, tackled him to the ground and pinned him down.

A doorman grabbed Moore and pulled him off. He was arrested, and during interview told police he did not realise the man he tackled was an officer.

The officer sustained an injured knee during the incident.

Katy Hanson, defending, said her client had been out drinking on the night in question, but did not go out regularly because he recognised that it got him into trouble when he was younger.

She said: “He describes the last year as a difficult year, as he lost his brother in difficult circumstances.

“The disturbance outside the club was nothing to do with him, a friend was involved and he tried to rescue him.”

She added: “There was no significant injury caused. He was holding on to the officer, rather than a proactive assault. He apologises to the officer and regrets his behaviour.”

Magistrates fined Moore £100, and ordered him to pay £50 compensation to the injured officer, plus £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

The presiding magistrate said: “Police officers are out to protect the public, so anything that interferes with that is deemed very serious.”