A disabled Cardigan man’s house smelled of cannabis despite an expected visit from police officers, a court has heard.

Kenneth Reed, aged 40, of 83 Bro Teifi, pleaded guilty to two charges of cannabis possession when he appeared before Aberystwyth magistrates on Wednesday.

The court heard police went to Reed’s home for an unrelated matter on March 14 and could smell cannabis. Reed produced a joint and plastic bag containing an estimated two grams of the drug.

Officers returned to speak to him on April 6 and could smell cannabis again, finding an estimated 2.3grams.

Vaughan Prichard-Jones, prosecuting, said: “It was a bit silly of him really, as he knew the police were coming to talk to him.”

Katy Hanson, defending, said the amount of the Class B drug seized was disputed, adding that her client apologised to the court.

She told the court Reed was partially sighted, had significant health and mobility problems and depression, and he found the use of cannabis assisted with the constant pain he suffered.

Magistrates fined Reed £75, and ordered him to pay £85 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

A destruction order was made for the drugs.