To mark Real Nappy Week (April 28 to May 4) Pembrokeshire County Council is encouraging parents to join the growing numbers using ‘real’ cloth nappies on their baby.

Seven million disposable nappies are sent to landfill sites in Pembrokeshire ever year, and it’s estimated that switching from disposable to real nappies can help save parents up to £500 a year.

“At a time when we are trying to cut down on the amount of waste sent to our landfill sites, real Nappy Week is an ideal time for parents to try and do their bit for the environment,” said Councillor Huw George, Cabinet Member for Environment and regulatory Services.

“At present levels, disposable nappies cost the County Council over £100,000 in disposal and landfill tax every year.

“And, as they can take as long as 500 years to bio-degrade, they are not very environmentally friendly.”

Real Nappy Week, supported by Recycle for Wales, will see local authorities joining with real nappy retailers to show parents how as well as reducing waste, reusable nappies can also help them save money.

Vicky White, Real Nappy Coordinator for Pembrokeshire said that the average baby will need to wear disposable nappies for two and a half years, at a cost to parents of between £650 to £1,300.

“Real Nappies on the other had can cost just £200 for the same two and half year period, taking a child from birth right up to potty training,” she said adding that modern real nappies were fun and fashionable, coming in a range of styles designs and colours.

Pembrokeshire Council will be in Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest ante natal clinic on May 2 9am to 1pm (if ante natal class is not cancelled at short notice).

Ceredigion Council will be at Tregaron Family Centre on April 29, 11am to2pm, and Llandysul Family Centre on Wednesday April 30 11am to 2pm.

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