A report dating back to the 1930s is being used to help determine who owns some crumbling steps leading down to the beach in Aberporth.

Minutes from the village hall from the mid 1930s state that the Glanmordy steps were built by the then Cardigan borough council.

But the council's successor Ceredigion County Council says they are nothing to do with them.

"These steps are an absolute death trap," Cllr Arthur richards told this week's Aberporth Community Council.

"They are uneven, the handrail is rusty and hanging off in places. The council throws a lot of money at Aberystwyth, it's about time some of it came to the south of the county."

Local county councillor Gethin James said that there were no records of any deeds with the county council.

But he added: "Someone needs to take responsibility."

Cllr Richards compared it to the long-running ownership dispute over Bingham's Lane in Cardigan.

"We are a tourist area and this needs to be sorted," he said.

Community councillors agreed to photocopy the 1930s minutes and write to Ceredigion expressing their concern.