Senior officials from the Prospect union will leaflet QinetiQ employees arriving for work at the Aberporth site tomorrow morning (Thursday 17 April) as part of a UK-wide campaign to win back union recognition within the defence technology company.

QinetiQ derecognised Prospect and other unions in March 2012. This means the company no longer negotiates terms and conditions of employment with the unions. QinetiQ has set up an employee engagement group, but the company only has to consult, not negotiate, with the group.

Prospect officials will be at the entrance to the Aberporth site, which employs around 200 people, from 6.30-9.30am on Thursday morning. They will be handing out cream eggs and a 'chicken and egg' leaflet (attached) spelling out the benefits of union membership.

Deputy general secretary Dai Hudd said: "We are giving out the cream eggs because it's Easter, to say we come in peace and that the theme of our presence is that we are in a chicken-and-egg situation.

"We know there are staff members who would join if there was union recognition, but we need people to join to strengthen the case for that recognition.

"Workers in Wales have a long history and see the benefits and advantages of working in partnership with their employers. Let's hope that QinetiQ's management will observe how successful partnership has been in other Welsh workplaces and give their workforce an independent voice to represent the views of staff."