Ceredigion AM Elin Jones has called on the Welsh Government to provide more evidence before pressing ahead with any plans to ban the smoking of e-cigarettes in public places.

The proposals, along with other measures such as minimum alcohol pricing, were outlined this week in the Government's new Public Health White Paper.

Shadow Health Minister Elin Jones said:“I would want to see clear evidence on the need to ban e-cigarettes in public places and the Minister needs to present that evidence to us. E-cigarettes are used widely by people who are trying to give up smoking, so we should be very careful not to halt that trend.

She added: “Plaid Cymru will support action to stop the overuse of alcohol and we do support minimum pricing. "However, statistics show that alcohol is mostly overused by professional and managerial classes, who are less sensitive to price increases than other social groups.

"The Welsh Government must take action that will tackle alcohol overuse across the socio-economic spectrum, and not depend on minimum pricing to solve this growing problem.”