Local band The Reasoning have re-released a single written by missing guitarist Owain Roberts, two years after he disappeared.

Owain went missing on March 10, 2012, and has not been heard from since.

The 36 year-old had arranged to meet his father near a Mwnt church but failed to appear, and friends and family began a desperate search.

To mark the second anniversary of his disappearance, his fellow band have re-released Pale Criminal, reworked as a download single, with proceeds going to www.missingpeople.org.uk.

A band spokesman said: “Quite honestly, not a day goes by when we don’t reflect on the “what ifs”. Could we have done more? Should we have tried the phone just one more time? Where on earth do we start to look?

“We've therefore decided do something that is within our power to help maintain the search for our dear friend Owain and, in doing so, to raise some money for a wonderful charity that helps the families and friends of missing people.”

The track originally appeared on an EP called And Another Thing, which was the last time Owain wrote, recorded and played with the band.

The Reasoning added: “The song has subsequently taken on a huge personal meaning for all of us who share the great memories of having worked so closely together with Owain."

The track has been rearranged and recorded with just piano and vocals, and is beautiful, haunting, and poignant.

“We hope very much that when you hear it, you will be reminded of the wonderful soul and spirit that Owain possesses.

"We also hope that the single will not only help to remind Owain that he is still greatly missed, but to raise awareness for missing persons more broadly, too.”

The single cost £1 and will only be available through The Reasoning's BandCamp site http://thereasoning.bandcamp.com/

“Owain, if you read this, hear the song or just feel the need to reach out, please get in touch and come home to your family and friends. We love you and we miss you.”

Owain is 5ft 10in tall, of medium build, with blue-grey eyes.

When he disappeared he was wearing a black V-neck jumper and jeans, and carrying a hooded top and rucksack.