Cardigan is scrapping its CCTV cameras in the centre of town.

Town councillors pulled out of the deal after hearing it could cost taxpayers between £11k and £24k to keep the four cameras live.

As part of county council budget cuts, the cameras will no longer be monitored from Aberystywth police station.

Instead the cameras will be fixed and unable to follow any sources of potential trouble.

Cllr John Adams-Lewis told this week's town council that Lampeter and Aberysytwyth were the only other two towns in the county considering keeping their CCTV cameras. If all three towns kept the service it would cost £11k each, but if Cardigan went it along it would rise to £24k.

"It is the work of the police to maintain order in our towns," he said. "The police commissioner should pay for the cameras."

Cllr Llwyd Edwards said that many businesses already installed their own cameras.

"I've been against CCTV from the start - taxpayers who live outside the centre of town get no benefit from it at all," he said.

And Cllr Jane Roche said: "I don't think we can justify spending that sort of money."