Calls have been made for Santander to scrap its plans to pull out of Cardigan.

Cardigan town councillors are to write to the bank asking if they will instead make the High Street agency a full branch.

"A lot of business people use Santander. We should make a strong case for them to stay in the town."

Long-standing Santander customer Myra Evans of Aberporth wrote to the town council asking for their support.

"I appeal to the council to help keep Santander in Cardigan," she wrote.

The agency, which employs seven staff, is due to close in June. The nearest branches are Carmarthen and Aberystwyth.

"A lot of people will find it difficult to get to Carmarthen," said Cllr Mark Cole.

Cllr Jane Roche asked for the on-line petition against the closure to be made available in paper copies.

"Not everyone has on-line access," she said.