Local community councils are writing to the Welsh Assembly to press for action over the long-running roadworks at Gamallt.

Traffic lights have been at the site for the last two years - and there is no sign of any progress.

Cllr Catrin Miles told this week's Cardigan Town Council that she had written to minister Edwina Hart asking for action.

Councils in Nevern, Eglwyswrw, Newport and Ferwig have also written letters of complaint.

"It shows what the Assembly think of mid Wales - we are at the fringe of everything," said Cllr Llwyd Edwards.

Cllr John Adams Lewis said that the lights often malfunctuoned.

"I heard of one lady who was waiting ten minutes at the lights on red and when she got fed up and decided to go, there was an unmarked police care behind her and she was fined £100."