A carer from Aberporth today admitted “stealing from behind the backs” of people who trusted her to look after them.

Susan Jean Burke, aged 45, was advised to put her affairs in order before she is sentenced later this month.

Burke, of Hillfield Place, Parcllyn, was expected to go on trial at Swansea crown court on Tuesday accused of nine offences of stealing from elderly or infirm people while she was employed by Corban Care.

After the jury had been sworn in Burke was granted time for talks with her defence team. Later that day she offered pleas of guilty to some of the charges but the Crown Prosecution Service rejected the offer and insisted on a trial.

Burke then changed her stance and on Wednesday morning pleaded guilty to all the charges against her.

She admitted stealing cash from Anthony Chaplin, Catherine Mair Williams, Aled Williams, James Deavis and Austin Johnson. She also admitted stealing property from June Hellier.

Most of the offending took place in the spring of 2012.

Judge Huw Davies agreed to postpone sentencing until a probation officer had prepared a report into her background.

He said he would grant her bail meanwhile but warned her, “She must understand that the allegations are such that she must expect a custodial sentence.”

Judge Davies said Burke had taken advantage of “people who trusted her to enter their homes and take care of them.”

“She stole from behind their backs. She now has an opportunity to put her affairs in order,” he added.

Frank Phillips, the barrister representing Burke, said he would urge the court to opt for a non custodial sentence at the next hearing on March 28.