Preseli Pembs MP Stephen Crabb has this week welcomed the UK Government’s further £12 million investment in Superfast Cymru but has stressed that Welsh Ministers and BT must now make sure that the money is spent where it is needed.

To date, the UK Government has invested £57 million pounds in the Superfast Cymru project, run jointly by Welsh Government and BT, and it is hoped that this additional money will help connect harder-to-reach rural areas, such as north Pembrokeshire.

Stephen Crabb has previously questioned Welsh Government’s prioritisation of the roll-out, raising concerns that rural areas such as Pembrokeshire are being put to the back of the queue. The roll-out of superfast broadband is due to begin in five Pembrokeshire towns in the coming months but the MP is determined that at all areas of the County must benefit from the scheme.

Speaking from Westminster, Stephen Crabb MP said:

“Access to any broadband, let alone superfast broadband, is a real problem for many parts of Pembrokeshire and I know this is a huge source of frustration for people across the County. In this day and age it is simply unacceptable for any communities to be shut off from high-speed broadband, regardless of how rural the area is.”

“I very much welcome the additional funding but it is now time that The Welsh Government and BT make sure that these new funds are spent wisely. I will continue to push BT and Welsh Ministers to make sure that both rural and urban parts of Pembrokeshire benefit from superfast broadband.”