Friendship bracelets made by local children have been delivered to Palestine, to show awareness and solidarity.

Amnesty ran a stall at the Cardigan River and Food Festival to make friendship bracelets for Palestinian children.

The group has focused its support on the two villages of Humsa and Hadidiya, where inhabitants

are at constant risk of being forcibly evicted from their homes by the Israeli army and forced out of the area. They are also subject to restrictions on their movement, and are harassed by settlers.

The community in Hadidiya is paying exorbitant prices for small quantities of water in mobile tankers brought in from several kilometres away for domestic use and for their livestock, while Israeli settlers living nearby benefit from an abundant water supply.

More than 100 bracelets were made by children during the festival, and many also made a bracelet to keep for themselves. The bracelets were packed up and given to an Ecumenical Observer who was going to the Occupied Territories.

An Amnesty spokesman said: “They were passed on and eventually made their way to a Kindergarten in al-Jiftlik and to the community of Mak-Hul, which was demolished in September and is now being rebuilt. The children were surprised and happy to be given bracelets that had been made for them by children in West Wales.”