Ceredigion MP, Mark Williams has called on the Government to introduce VAT measures to help boost the tourism industry.

In a debate in the House of Commons this morning on the tourism industry, Mark Williams made the case for introducing the lower VAT rate of 5%, already charged on many items in the UK, on tourism products such as hotels and visitors attractions. This is a strategy pursued in almost every other European country, aside from Denmark and Lithuania. Practice in other countries has shown that in the longer term this can create jobs, around 20,000 across the UK, and bring far higher revenues to the Treasury.

Commenting from Westminster following the debate, Mark Williams said:

‘In Ceredigion we rely on our vibrant and varied local tourism sector for local jobs, directly accounting for around 8% of Ceredigion’s total employment, and indirectly for around 12%. Whilst it is a devolved issue, and I am pleased the National Assembly have labelled tourism a priority sector, the VAT reduction is a measure which could be taken at Westminster which would provide a very helpful boost to local tourism - and of course we can benefit when going on holiday elsewhere in the UK.’