Minister for Education and Skills, Huw Lewis, has welcomed Ceredigion local authority’s “Excellent” Estyn report and called on local authorities across Wales to follow their example.

The report released today shows the local authority achieving excellent ratings in areas including leadership, social inclusion and pupil wellbeing, support for additional learning needs and partnership working. Attendance rates in both primary and secondary schools in Ceredigion are also the highest in Wales.

The Minister said:

“This is a landmark report for Wales’ education system and I would like to personally congratulate teachers, schools and Ceredigion local authority for all they have done to drive up standards and strive for excellence. They have shown that the improvements we need to see in our schools are within our reach.

“I appreciate that every local authority in Wales has different needs and circumstances, but when it comes to the areas where we need to see improvement, Ceredigion are leading the way.

“This shows that real leadership makes a real difference. Leadership right at the top in the council and leadership in Ceredigion’s schools. That, together with an unrelenting focus on pupil wellbeing and achievement, is why the local authority is performing so well.

“It’s now up to all of us to see where we can learn from the example of Ceredigion and ensure that we share this best practice as widely as possible – from school to school, local authority to local authority and consortium to consortium.”