Plans for a 37 metre high wind turbine at Blaenffos look set to be turned down by Pembrokeshire planners on Tuesday.

The application for the structure at Maesyderi was considered by the council’s planning committee last month, and a decision was deferred to allow a site inspection to take place.

Officers have now recommended that the proposed 330kw turbine, which would be 54 metres to blade tip, is refused at Tuesday’s planning committee meeting.

The officer’s report states: “The information submitted with the application is inadequate to demonstrate that the proposed wind turbine would not, either individually or cumulatively with other wind turbine development in the locality, have a significant adverse impact on the visual amenity and character of the area.”

The report adds that the turbine would be seen from significant distances, and would impact on the nearby National Park.

The report concluded: “There are no conditions that could be imposed that would acceptably mitigate the harmful effects.

“The benefit of the scheme in terms of the production of renewable energy does not outweigh the harmful effects.”