The First Minister will consider a request to change the draft objectives of the Longley review of healthcare in mid Wales to include mental health services, following an intervention by Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas.

Speaking in the Senedd, during First Minister’s questions Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said:

“Many believe, and I happen to agree with them, that healthcare in mid Wales has weakened since the closure of the Afallon ward in Bronglais General Hospital, and that not enough preparation was made for care in the community in the light of that. A review is currently being conducted by the Minister, chaired by Marcus Longley. I have just received the draft objectives for that review and they do not mention healthcare particularly. I will be writing back and saying, ‘Do ensure that mental health services are taken into account in this’. Will you support my bid in that regard?

The First Minister Carwyn Jones said: “I am willing to accept any request from the Member, and I will consider that in great detail.”