Aberystwyth has been chosen as one of nine successful applicants to receive Welsh Government support to become a “BID in development”, from a total of 14 applications across Wales.

The process takes between 12 to 18 months to develop both the proposal and the campaign that leads to a ballot where businesses vote for or against the introduction of a BID. The next step is for consultants to be appointed who will put together a programme of work in partnership with the business community, the local authority and other stakeholders that will be affected by a BID proposal.

Chris Mackenzie-Grieve, Chairman of Aberystwyth Chamber of Commerce, said: “The application we made to investigate the viability of BID status for Aberystwyth was passed by a small majority and we need to be conscious of that in the next part of the process. It is important that we enter this next phase with an open mind but a very commercial approach to the analysis.”

Cllr Gareth Lloyd, Cabinet Member for Economic and Community Development, said: “We are very pleased to have been successful in obtaining this support from Welsh Government on behalf of the business community in Aberystwyth. "This is an excellent opportunity for businesses in Aberystwyth to get together and have a say about how the town centre is run.”