Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, has expressed concern at the news that ambulance response times in Ceredigion for the most urgent 999 calls again worsened during the final months of 2013. The Welsh Government’s target is for 65% of ‘Category A’ calls to be responded to within 8 minutes. In Ceredigion, the figure slipped to 61% in November 2013, and 59.5% in December.

In addition, it took ambulances over 15 minutes to respond to 18% of Category A calls during December.

Local Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, Elin Jones, said,

“The Welsh Government had claimed that the service was ‘on a solid basis’ for winter back in October when the service hit its Wales-wide target for the first time in over 18 months. Since then, the deterioration is worrying and suggests that improvements have still yet to happen despite assurances that they would.

“It’s also concerning that 18% of the most serious calls – that’s 51 emergencies - weren’t responded to within 15 minutes. There are real concerns about the level of ambulance cover in Ceredigion at the moment. The Welsh Government must get to grips with the failure of the ambulance service to hit its target response times.”