Following storms that battered the oastline during the first weekend of 2014, the people of Ceredigion showed their community spirit in their willingness to join clean ups at coastal locations.

As well as bringing havoc and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the unusually high tides also left a trail of marine litter stranded high above the normal high tide line.

This litter, although deposited there by the storm surge was not caused by it. All but a very small percentage of it was already in the oceans.

The Marine Conservation Society estimate that only 15% of the total amount of marine litter ever makes it to land – with the remainder hidden from view but still wreaking havoc on marine life.

In normal circumstances high tides provide an ideal opportunity to remove this litter- a stroll along a local beach after such a tide will reveal a plethora of plastic ripe for picking.

A plea has been made for volunteers to get involved and join those who already do their bit for Ceredigion.

To join the High Tide Clean-up and register for a clean-up kit, including important safety advice, contact Rachel Mills, Ceredigion County Council, on 01545 572105.