Householders in Carmarthenshire are being asked to dispose of their dog mess carefully.

It follows concerns regarding the quantity of dog faeces in black bags and the health and safety implications for refuse crews when loading the bags into the vehicles.

All faeces contains bacteria that can cause stomach upsets if ingested, however, the greatest risk from dog mess is toxocariasis – which can cause epilepsy, asthma and even blindness.

When out walking, residents are being reminded to carry dog mess bags with them and then use the number of litter bins dotted throughout the county.

Dog mess from gardens can be flushed down toilets or put in specially designed ‘doggy loos’.

Residents who have to dispose of dog mess in black bags are asked to make sure it is double-wrapped, in small quantities only and mixed in with other types of waste.

Black bags found to contain large amounts of dog mess will not be collected, in line with council policy.

Executive Board Member for Technical Services Cllr Colin Evans said: “We have had a number of incidents with dog mess recently when loading black bags into our refuse vehicles.

“Not only is it extremely unpleasant for our operatives, but it is a serious health risk. We are asking householders to please co-operate and dispose of their dog faeces carefully.”

Residents are also being reminded to please clean up after their dogs in public places or risk a fixed penalty notice of £75.