A Llandysul man has been warned a prison sentence could follow after he admitted attacking a man inside a pub’s toilets.

Denis Turner, aged 42, appeared before Judge Keith Thomas at Swansea crown court on Friday for a plea and case management hearing.

He admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm to Timothy Miles at the King’s Arms pub on July 14.

Chris James, prosecuting, said according to the landlady there was “an on going” incident in the toilets but she could not get inside.

When the door was opened there was a second incident and Mr Miles’ head “split open.”

Mr James said it was not possible to say what had started the violence.

Dyfed Thomas, representing Turner, of 6 Bro Gwynfaen, Panteg Cross Roads, said both men had been drunk and had been verbally abusive to each other.

He said Mr Miles had been injured and Turner had taken him to the toilets to help him clean himself up.

Turner was granted bail until a probation officer has prepared a report into his background.

He will be sentenced in mid February.

Judge Thomas warned him a prison sentence could be the outcome.

Meanwhile, he was banned from going to the King’s Arms.