The wording of an advert looking to recruit social workers in Pembrokeshire has been changed following complaints from the Welsh language society Cymdeithas yr Iaith.

The original advert stated: "In Pembrokeshire the Welsh language does not feature prominently in the delivery of social care" going on to say that Welsh is only used as a first language in some areas of the north of the county.

It also offered Welsh classes so that employees could master phrases as "a courtesy".

Cymdeithas spokesperson Gwyndaf Tomos said: " It is outrageous that the council has said such a thing. Is the council suggesting that children in the south of the county do not need proper care and support in Welsh? The Welsh language is not just a language for parts of the north – it's a language for the whole county."

The advert has now been changed to state that the council is committed to providing a Welsh language service "wherever it is requested or required".