A group set up to help victims of flooding in Cardigan has been overwhelmed by the generosity of local people and businesses.

Severed flooding hit homes in the St Mary’s Street and Gloster Row areas earlier this month, and more than 30 properties had to be evacuated after a combination of heavy rain and high tides brought a surge of water into the town.

Philippa Noble, who helped set up Facebook group ‘Donations for flood victims in Cardigan’, said the response had been ‘amazing’.

She said: “We could not have asked for more from the community, people really pulled together. I was totally overwhelmed and really grateful for their help.

“Lots of businesses and individuals have gone above and beyond. They have made a huge difference to victims of the flooding.”

She added: “People are fantastic in Cardigan, it’s been amazing how things have changed from being a disaster, into something positive. None of this could have been done without their generosity.”

The Facebook group attracted nearly 350 members, and locals came forward to offer household items, as well as practical help with moving furniture, testing electrical equipment and cleaning up the devastation left by the flood water.

Donations have also been made via Cardigan Town Council and at collection points across the town.